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Athletic Perspective on the Election

BY LUIS LOPEZ University of Maine athletes are trusted to juggle their mandatory team activities and their academics. With that in mind, another event looming in their heads is their responsibility in the 2016 presidential election. The student-athlete population might not agree with what candidate to vote for, or how to answer each referendum question, […]

Town of Orono Voting on Umaine Campus

BY MADDY JACKSON Beginning at 7 am on Tuesday, residents of Orono began submitting their votes for the 2016 election. For the first time Orono polls were held at the University of Maine New Balance Field House. In previous years, polling locations for Orono residents have been split between the University of Maine Memorial Union and […]

First-Time Non-Voters

BY BRIELLE HARDY Quick to take on the label of non-voters, many undergraduate students at the University of Maine opted out of being part of this presidential election. Given the amount of social media coverage that the candidates have received over the past 16 months, one would think that the demographic that uses social media […]