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Referendum Question 1-3 Synopsis

BY STEPHEN REID AND ANISA VENNER-JOHNSTON  BANGOR – As of 2 a.m. on Nov. 9, 2016, because of press time, it cannot be determined the outcome of the Maine referendum questions, but prediction results of the questions are in. Questions 1 and 2 are likely to be passed by a small 1-2% margin. Question 3 however is […]

Democrats Gather in Support of Cain

BY LOGAN ROLLINS   BANGOR — On Election Night, local Democrats gathered at the Hilton Garden Inn to support Emily Cain as she challenges Republican incumbent Bruce Poliquin. As the polls closed at 8 p.m., individuals started flowing into the Hilton’s ballroom for the event. By the time Cain arrived, 100 people were waiting with […]

Poliquin Maintains Placement in Congress

BY TESSIE MOODY   BANGOR — On a night where history could be made, the Republican party pulled through nationwide and statewide. Republican Rep. Bruce Poliquin won the vote of the Maine people in a close race, remaining in his seat as Representative for Maine’s Second Congressional District. In 2014, he won the election in […]

Voter Turn Out at Cross Center

BY EMMALEE SAVAGE AND KODY THERIAULT BANGOR — The Cross Insurance Center was crawling with anxious voters. Polling started early at 7 a.m. and did not close until 8 p.m. By the time the polls closed, it had amounted to a surprising turnout for the city of Bangor. Crowds flocked into the building after passing many […]

Party Unattended by the Main Show

BY TESSIE MOODY and STEPHEN REID BANGOR — As of 12am on election night, 56 people stayed gathered together at Dysart’s on Broadway to celebrate the campaign party of Representative Republican Bruce Poliquin, and his race against Democrat Emily Cain to see who will be the next Representative of Maine’s Second Congressional District. But two and a […]

First Hot Takes Event is a Success

BY STEPHEN REID BANGOR — The Bangor Daily News hosted its first “Hot Takes” political event at Blaze, Tuesday, Nov. 8,  free for anybody to register and learn more about the 2016 election in a civil social way from panelists with political backgrounds. Since it was the debut of the event, the goal was “to […]

The Myth of Down Ballot Voting

BY HAILEY BRYANT    BANGOR — There has been no shortage of coverage on the presidential candidates, particularly in Maine’s second congressional district where tensions have run high and political ads have run rampant. While this can lead to increased knowledge of candidates for high-ranking positions, it can also blind voters to the issues and, […]