Faces Of The Election




“Minimum wage, that’s easy. I think we just have not gone up with inflation yet; CEO’s salaries have. No one who works should live in poverty. Hopefully we get the American dream back.” Said Jaric Fontaint 35, of Hamden, Maine.





“Question four, the minimum wage increase is the most important to me. There’s no possible way to live off of $7.50. 181,000 Mainers would see an increase in wages.” Said Josh Devereaux 22, of Bangor, Maine




“Question three is important to me, I feel that the regulation surrounding guns is important. The increase in minimum wage is also important.” said Sarah Braslet, 35 of Bangor, Maine.



“Question three is the most important to me because once you start taking away our gun rights they’ll start taking away from our other rights.” said Atunm Tierney, 38 of Bangor, Maine.



“Ranked voting, number five. It’s important because it fights against the two party system, it gives us more of a choice to chose people who will help the most people.” said Ed Levesque, 27 of Bangor, Maine.